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Upcoming Events

Fairs and Parades

June 24 6:00 pm
Rochesterfest parade

July 14-17
Dodge county fair

July 17 1:00 PM
Byron Good Neighbor Days parade

July 25-31
Olmsted county fair

August 14 1:00 PM
Festival in the Park, Kasson

September 11 1:30 PM
Marigold Days Parade, Mantorville

The Budget

We must come together, set priorities, and not shirk from the hard work required.  The only way to solve the budget is to start from scratch. We need to:

  • Fund the constitutionally defined responsibilities of the government
  • Fund the needs of our state in priority
  • Fund core education equally, by funding each student the same across the state.  (Any special or additional programs should be funded on their merits, separately and with a fixed expiration date.)
  • Prioritize all additional programs and stop spending when the money runs out

Contribute your ideas for saving state money on my Facebook page.